Discover the Ancient Gods of Egyptian Mythology Paperback -

Discover the Ancient Gods of Egyptian Mythology Paperback

Gods of Egyptian Mythology

The Gods of Egyptian Mythology are represented by different symbols such as a long-term civilization, animal-headed people, and a history with a unique culture that still lives up to this day. Even if the names of Anubis, Osiris, and Ra remain as modern fiction today, the truth about them is revealed in the history of ancient Egyptians. Here you will know about the following gods and goddesses of Egypt.


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He is the god of the underworld in Egypt. He plays a vital role in Egypt’s deities, and he represents resurrection, the cycle of Nile floods, and death. Based on the myth, he is the king who killed his brother, Seth.

Osiris also had a wife who resembled and resurrected him when he died. With that, they were able to conceive a child together named Horus. Horus is also an Egyptian god.


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Anubis is depicted as a jackal. He is associated with taking care of the dead and any funerary rituals. When he embalmed and wrapped the body of Osiris, he became the embalmers’ god. Before Osiris was risen from the dead, Anubis is also known to be the former god of the dead. However, according to Osiris’ story, it was Anubis who embalmed his body, therefore Anubis is known as the god of the embalmers.


She is Osiris’s wife, and after the death of his husband, he raised Horus alone. She became one of the important goddesses in this era. However, the origin of the goddess is unclear to many.

According to historians, Isis could have come from any town in the country, just like the other gods. Through the years, she has influenced a lot of people by her doings, and she became a devoted and loving wife to her husband Osiris.

When compared to the Greek gods, Isis is most associated similarly with the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.


Ra is one of the Gods of Egyptian Mythology, the sun’s god, and he is symbolized as a hawk with the human body. Frequently, he is represented with danger and violence.


She is the daughter of Ra and wife to the god of wisdom, Thoth. She symbolizes the cosmic order, justice, and truth.


Hathor is a woman with a cow’s head or ears. She is known as the lady of the west and portrays fertility and motherhood.


She is the goddess of Lower Egypt, and she is imagined as a cobra wrapped around a papyrus.


Nefertum is the god of aromatherapy and the god of blossoming lotus flowers.


Looking back at the Gods of Egyptian Mythology, they will perceive their culture during the ancient period. Their pyramids, moments, and obelisks remained and left a mark that inspired many people.

Their civilization is not just the representation of how great it was, but also a symbol that we can last together when we value culture and respect each society. It is fantastic to imagine that these gods and goddesses may or may not exist but have a significant impact on our history.

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