Common Ancient Egyptian Symbols -

Common Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

When you hear the word Egypt or Egyptians, do you also think of those weird yet exquisite symbols that they have? Have you ever wondered what these symbols meant, and what does ir represent? If so, you are in the right article.

Ancient Egypt is one of the ancient human civilizations known. They are known for pyramids, mummies, and pharaohs. It is incredible to imagine that their civilization lasted for 3000 years, and many wonder how.

Many believed that their written language and religion has the most significant impact on that success. And until today’s generation, many symbols have remained upon us. To get to know the common Ancient Egyptian Symbols, here are some:


A tower with a mountain in the background

Ankh has been used in writing, art, and decorations. It represents the desire to live, the earth, the morning sun, male & females, and heaven. The Ankh is also one of the most common Egyptian symbol in history, and up to this day. According to many, this symbol means telling someone to be well, and be prosperous in life.

Crook and Flail

A flag flying in front of a building

Osiris is associated with crook and flail. It is the symbol of his power and majesty. The symbol was used by shepherds when they herd goats. Orisin is known as the god of agriculture, and the crook and flai became his symbol that reminds Egyptians the importance of keeping a tradition alive and remembered. The sign also symbolizes hardwork.


Djed is the backbone of the gods. It symbolizes eternal life, stability, resurrection, and fertility. Many painted this on sarcophagi to guide the dead into the afterlife.

Eye of Horus

It is also known as Wadjet and the representation of good health, power, and protection. The Eye of Horus is usually put into the dead to protect them into the afterlife.

Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra can come with violence and danger. It depicts the wrath and heat of the sun as Ra was the Egyptian God of the sun. This eye has become the extension power of Ra.


It is one of the Ancient Egyptian Symbols which portrays resurrection, transformation, and immortality. Scarab is a type of dung beetle that lays eggs.


Sesen represents rebirth, creation, and life. The flower is a lovely lotus that is often seen in many Egyptian artworks. It closes at night and reappears during the day.


Tjet is connected to the goddess of fertility, rebirth, healing, and motherhood, Isis. This symbol looks like an ankh with arms but is often referred to as Isis’s blood or knot.


This symbol is also used on temples, sarcophagi, and tombs. It has knots and represents protection, infinity, and completeness.


It symbolizes power and dominion. They are used in tomb equipment to take care of the dead.

Final Thoughts

The Ancient Egyptian Symbols have been in history for a long time. Egyptians have used this as a symbol for many things and what they believe. Today, you will learn them in books and also the culture of ancient Egypt.

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