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5 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented

11 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented?

In the period of the historical era, the Egyptians worshiped many gods so that they would be safe from disaster. You know Egypt is a historical place where many famous incidences occurred rather than any other place in the world. You will be amazed when you get to know about the history of the gods of ancient Egypt. For example, they worshipped THOTH for knowledge and wisdom, HATHOR for motherhood, etc. If you are interested in the history of Egyptian gods then you should read this article as we mention below.


5 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented
5 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented

The people of Egypt worship this god in the ancient period. Osiris is the god of death and disaster. When Egyptians suffered from the floods and drought then, they used to worship this god. Do you know who is Osiris? Well, according to the historians, Osiris was the king of this Egypt. His brother murdered him. The historians said that, his wife reassemble Osiris’s body and he resurrected.  According to Egyptian Osiris was the great king of Egypt and he saved the people of Egypt after his death.


Isis was the wife of Osiris god of death in Egypt. According to the historians, Isis was the symbol of a mother and a wife. This goddess was also worshiped for death with her husband Osiris. Do you know why the Egyptians worshiped Isis? Because she was the lady who fought for her husband and son with the soldiers and the brother of Osiris. The Egyptians worshiped this god-like merry and Jesus.

Egyptian Gods: Anubis

Did you know about god Anubis? However, Anubis was a very famous god among the Egyptians of the ancient period. They believed that Anubis was the god of death. You know according to historians Anubis was a god whose body was like a human but the head was like a jackal. You know according to Egyptians he took care of the people who died.


Also, the Egyptians worshiped Thoth for knowledge and wisdom. The people believed that this god created the hieroglyphic script and the language of Egypt. According to Egyptians, this god judge after the death. Hence, If a person did wrong and did so many mistakes that were illegal then they could get punishment after their death. Therefore, the people who were very honest and never did any mistake after their death god gifted them a nice place and environment. According to the historians, the Egyptians kept themselves away from the mistakes. Do you know why? They thought God will punish them.

Egyptian Gods: Re

5 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented
5 Egyptian Gods And What They Represented

This god was related to the sun. According to the people of Egypt, this god had a human body but his head was like that of a hawk. There were interesting stories about this god. Would you want to know? Well, according to the Egyptians, this god sailed the boat across the sky at night and he would make a passage to the underworld every night. The people worshiped him with respect.

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